Born in 1947. Founded his own design office Beans in 1978. His work for industries ranging from advertising to music, publishing, and television has cut across genre boundaries with the innovative use of photography and typography. Creator of the logotype for the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization. He has published two collections of his work: Inoue Tsuguya Graphic Works 1981-2007 and Inoue Tsuguya Graphics: Talking the Dragon (Little More Books). He has been awarded the Tokyo Art Directors Club (ADC) Grand Prix, the Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC) Grand Prix, and the Japan Advertising Awards Yamana Prize. He is a member of Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC, and the Japan Graphic Designers Association.

I think that the above image is particularly interesting. It appears as though the designer has created a typeface by distorting letters on a scanner or photocopier, just slightly so that the text is still east to read. This gives the typeface a lovely organic, moving quality, and I like the fact that rather than being created on photoshop or another such program, a designer has taken the time to create this using much more basic techniques. This, to me, makes the work endlessly more interesting, as I wonder how much experimentation and how many tries it took to get the desired effect. This could be the product of real trial-and-error. Alternatively however, this could be a piece of very spontaneous work, the designer dragging it once across a photocopier and leaving it as that. Either way, I think that this is a beautifully simple piece of design, and I love the process involved.  



After looking at Tsuguya Inoue's work, I found a blog on similar scanned images that were distorted, or "mistakes." I want to experiment with similar techniques to maybe create my own fonts or to distort my own images. I love the pixilated and blurred quality of many of these scans, and each is such a unique image, which although unintentional, sometimes creates some fantastic effects. 


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