Differences in Visual Perception. The Individual Eye.

Jules B. Davidoff

I found this book fairly useful for research for this project. However, as it wasn't specifically written for the subject that I am studying, I wasn't exactly sure which elements were relevant to this project. At times I found that it was hard to skim through the text for relevant information, but overall it was fairly helpful. I though that some of the long-term affects on visual perception was useful, as well as providing some interesting points which could help me to develop some ideas. 

I think that some of the information here, regarding brightness of stimuli and the way the brain responds to this is really interesting, and more relevant to my project's themes. There are numerous ways that this could be interpreted and communicated visually, and I think that there is so much to explore here. However, I think that it could be hard to clearly visually represent what I have learnt from this book, as so much of it is often abstract and not a precise thing that could, for example, be easily drawn. I think that the techniques I use to communicate information needs to be thoroughly investigated. I think the obvious medium is photography, but I think I should perhaps look further for other ways to explore this theme. But this is okay, I enjoy experimenting with materials.


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