This set design is fantastic, and I was looking at it because of its similarities to the sensory rooms I was researching earlier in this project. I love the curving, organic shapes of the work. They seem simultaneously complex and yet almost childlike with their bold, curved lines. Also I think that the colours used, whilst they almost certainly have some relevance to the play (I'm not certain because I have yet to see it, I will search to see if it has been uploaded online, but I think it will be unlikely) create a strong environment on stage. This really looks like a beautifully illustrated children's book brought to life on stage.

I think that in my own work during the 3D week I could continue to look at this idea of set design, possibly trying to create my own tiny colourful environments, obviously on a much smaller scale, but with some coloured lighting and printed patterns this could look really fantastic and certainly holds a lot of potential.  


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